Do You Wish You Knew How to Set Boundaries When Your Spouse is Involved in an Affair?
You're Not Alone.

My name is Kimberly, and I want to help you save your marriage.


It's so hard to have a spouse involved in an affair.

How do you react? What do you do?

Should you continue to live with a spouse in an affair? Or should you kick your spouse out?

Should you file for divorce to try and get your spouse to stop the affair, or should you wait it out?

What about your children? Should they be allowed to be around the "other" person? How can you keep them from it without keeping your kids away from your spouse?

All of these are valid questions, and I want to help you figure out the answers for these questions so you can take charge of your marriage.

So tell me...what is your biggest question?

  1. My spouse is in an affair but living at home...what do I do?

  2. My spouse wants our children to be around the "other" person...what should I say?

  3. When should I file for divorce? Is threatening to divorce a good a boundary?

Click which one best fits your situation, and I will help you figure it out on the other side.