Do you feel like your spouse is controlling you, and you have no idea how to stop it?

Hi, I'm Kimberly.

I wish we were meeting under different circumstances, but I'm so happy to know you.

I'm glad you found this, because there's something I really want to tell you...

It can be hard to live in a situation where you feel controlled.

You feel like you can't even be your own person anymore. How can you live like that? How can anyone live like that?

Can you convince your spouse to stop being controlling? Can you have a better and stronger marriage, and get the controlling tendencies to stop?

Tell me...what is the biggest concern that you have right now about your situation?

(click the one that you worry about the most...and I'll let you know how we can help)

I feel like I can't be my own person. How can my spouse change?

I've tried telling my spouse that I feel controlled, and they will not listen. What can I do?

Can a marriage be saved even with a controlling spouse?


I hope to help you on the other side.