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If you want to understand more about your spouse’s affair and learn all the information you can about how to get your spouse to end their need this.

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This video series will tell you the things that have worked for thousands of other people that you can start using IMMEDIATELY to save your marriage.

However, it’s also beneficial to be able to understand what is going on in your spouse’s head right now. Although it can be painful, hearing and understanding what they are going through can help you see things through a different lens, and it can actually help lessen some of the pain you are feeling right now.

PLUS : once your spouse is ready to come back to the marriage, or if he or she starts to waver in their decision of leaving, then these video series could be the changing point that leads them to decide to end the affair and save the marriage!

Decision Point is exactly what you need to complement what you are already learning in Marriage Recovery. Decision Point is a 5-part video series for a spouse that is currently involved in an affair.

While you may be thinking, but wait…I’m not involved in an affair! Why would I need that? Just hear me out…

Many times people who purchase Marriage Recovery ALSO purchase Decision Point because they want to better understand the mind of their spouse. Decision Point covers, in detail, all the things someone should think about when trying to choose between their affair partner and their spouse.

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Understand Your Spouse's View Point

This video series is aimed at a spouse who is trying to decide between saving the marriage or ending the marriage and being with an affair partner.

Affairs are never justified...but this might just help you empathize with some of the things your spouse is going through...

Hearing information targeted towards someone in that situation will help you better understand what your spouse is experiencing during this time.

Become an "Affair Expert"

It's been said that the unknown is what produces the greatest fear.

Watching these two video series won't REALLY make you an expert on affairs, but you will have the greatest amount of information that we believe is valuable and helpful on affairs.

Being guarded with this information, it will help calm any worries or fears you are experiencing right now.

Realize That You CAN Do This.

Yes, you CAN save your marriage, even if an affair has occurred.

With what you will learn in both Marriage Recovery and Decision Point, you will have the information you need to make the best decisions going forward, and to have CONFIDENCE that what you are doing will help your marriage.

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You Have Nothing To Lose With the Marriage Helper Guarantee

We can't guarantee that these videos will save your marriage, but I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the peace and information given in the videos. If not, let us know, and we will make it right.