You Can Help Children Affected by Divorce

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These children may be your own children. Maybe they are children of someone you know. But I'm willing to bet 100% of people know children who have been affected by the divorce of their parents.

Sometimes the effects don't show up until later in life, the child suffers the loss of a relationship with a parent. Sometimes the effects show up immediately, with extreme withdrawal and confusion. It can manifest itself in many ways, but all instances have an underlying commonality:

Children need help during and after divorce. 

They need to feel normal. They need to feel heard. They need to feel cared for.

Many children do not receive this help due to embarrassment, not knowing how to voice their emotions, parents lack of time, and lack of finances.

Marriage Helper is on a mission to solve this problem. We are creating a completely free website for children experiencing divorce or separation of their parents.

It's called Divorce Help for Kids.

While it's still in the beginning phases, we have partnerships and commitments from celebrities, politicians, and experts in the fields of psychology and child therapy.

This website will be the best of its kind. There's nothing else out there like it!

We need your help! We are raising donations to cover production costs, content development, and marketing costs.

Our goal is to reach millions of children and provide free help for kids and parents of all ages.

We can change the world for children of divorce. You can help.

Give Your Tax-Deductible Donation Now