What to Do When Your Spouse is In an Affair... (and what not to do)

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Is Your Spouse in Love with Someone Else?

Contrary to what everyone else is telling you...
There is Hope.
No matter how desperate or hopeless your situation may seen, I can assure you that there is hope.
I have worked with thousands of couples with situations just like yours.
And I have seen marriages rescued from the most dire of situations.
Even when the spouse leaves and moves in with the other person.
Even when the spouse has the divorce papers filed.
Even when the spouse is carrying the other man's child!
Yes, you read that correctly.


I'm Joe Beam, and I have over 20 years experience in working with marriages and relationships.

I specialize in saving marriages in crisis... Marriages that everyone else has given up on.

I haven't given up on you.

I understand your situation. And I have the solution you are looking for to save your marriage.

Your marriage didn't get this way in just a few minutes, so I can't explain to you everything you need to know to save your marriage in just a few minutes.

But I can explain it to you in just a few hours.

The solution you are looking for is Marriage Recovery.

In this 7 video series, I will explain to you everything you need to know to save your marriage.

You'll also receive exclusive invitations to conference calls and webinars where I and my expert team will answer your questions for your unique situation.


[This course has helped me to stand] my ground and following through. Becoming stronger and not being viewed as weak in my spouse's eyes.


This helped me to change my attitude and actions when I am around my wife. It led to the first productive and hopeful conversation that we have had.



I had my husband watch one of the videos and ended his affair. He said all points in video 3 were written for him! Thank you!



Now my spirits lifted, motivated to continue to try and save my marriage. It explains without hurting me or making my husband feel defensive.


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