Though no one can guarantee them, they happen quite often. Marriages beyond hope by any reasonable standard turn around, become stable, and grow into a wonderful relationship. Though nearly everyone, especially the couple involved, thought it impossible, war evolves into peace and rage turns into romance.

Miracle One

Of one couple in their 40’s a friend said, “No one in this country believes their marriage can be saved. He’s in love with another woman. That affair started as revenge for his wife’s one-night-stand, and now he’s head over heels for the new person. It’s done for.” It took some work, lots of prayer, and a bit of help, but they saved the marriage. Not only are they deeply in love with each other now, they also teach other couples how to help marriages become strong so that they do not get into trouble.

Miracle Two

A wife stated, “I’m done. He’s controlled me, treated me with disrespect, and dominated my life for way too long. I put up with it for the sake of the children, but now they’re gone and so am I. The jerk can live the rest of his life and die alone. I don’t care any longer.” Nevertheless, to feel that she had done everything she should, she went with him through a three-day process for marriages in crisis. Two years later she smiles, “He changed. I’d never have believed it could happen, but he did. I have, too. I can see now that though the way he treated me was rotten, I often gave as good as I got. No major problems now. We’re in love. For a lifetime.”

Miracle Three

A husband shared, “My wife is pregnant with her lover’s baby. My family is disgusted and demanding that I divorce her and never look back. I don’t know that I could ever forgive her.” That was five years ago. They are still married. They kept the baby, and he loves it as his own. He also loves his wife. Deeply. She loves him. Deeply. He defied his family to work it out with his wife, but adamantly declares that he is glad he did. There were bumps along the road, but the success is sweet to all three of them, husband, wife, and child.

Miracle Four

A wife confessed, “I don’t know why my husband is still with me. Our sex life is horrible. Sometimes I can’t stand him even touching me, and we’ve fought about that for years. At times, I want him close. At other times, I want to be alone. He never knows if he’s coming home to the loving, warm wife or the shrew. Finally, I broke down and told him about what happened to me when I was a child. My father said he chose me for his actions over my sisters because I was the ‘pretty one.’ I think we’d both be better off if we just divorce so he can have the wife he deserves. I can’t.” He loved her and wanted to do whatever it took to help her heal from her dreadful past. First, they dealt with the way the communicated, and then they got the help she needed. Their life today is loving, warm, and, yes, sexually fulfilling. Another marriage miracle.

Miracles Many…

The stories could go on. Except for minor changes to protect identity, they happened as described. In just the two months prior to penning this, I witnessed over forty couples on the brink of divorce…many with the divorce papers already filed…come back from the brink and start on the path to a healthy relationship.

How do these miracles happen?

They begin with a concentrated three-day workshop. Couples from around the USA (and sometimes from around the world) come together for a marriage intensive called Marriage Helper. Since 1999, our success rate is three out of four couples saving their marriages and going on to be in love again.

They continue for a lifetime.

If your marriage is in danger of separation or divorce, call us at (866) 903-0990 to speak with someone or use the form below to request more information about our Marriage Helper 911 workshop for troubled marriages. We can help you save your marriage even in cases of infidelity, loss of trust, anger, sexual problems, and other issues. (If you’re thinking your spouse would never come, contact us by phone or the form below and we’ll tell you what others who felt the same way did to get their spouses there.) We will keep everything you tell us completely confidential. Our motivation is to help you determine if this workshop is right for you and your particular situation. We also offer solutions for couples who can’t attend the workshop.

If you and your spouse cannot attend a Marriage Helper 911 weekend or your spouse refuses to get any marriage help, there is still hope. Check out our Save My Marriage Course – where you’ll learn how to bring your spouse back to the marriage. Click the banner below to find out more about it.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage Miracles

  • August 29, 2014 at 11:35 am

    What do you do if your husband has moved out of the home, refuses to talk to you at all except to make plans to see our child , tells you he is interested in other women and tells you he does not like being around you? That is what I am facing right now. We are scheduled to attend the 911 seminar in September or November, but I feel like the situation is pretty hopeless because he essentially has said he doesn’t like me or like being around me. He has nothing positive to say about me and says he has no happy memories of our marriage or relationship. In addition, I am pretty sure he is in the middle of an emotional and/or sexual relationship with another woman at this time. I have expressed several time my willingness and desire to reconcile, I’ve tried to remain positive, I work out regularly, attend/serve at church weekly and spend time with friends. So I am not clinging to him – but it seems no matter what I do he is still not interested in saving the marriage. The only reason he is planning on going to the 911 seminar is related to concessions I’ve agreed to make related to the divorce proceedings! (We have currently halted the proceedings to see if we could work things out). He is only going to the seminar if I agree to these concessions. Right now, he is being so mentally/emotionally cruel to me – such as love-talking to his girlfriend in front of me and our child – that everyone (including church people) is telling me to not go to seminar, divorce him and move on. Help!

    • October 20, 2014 at 10:50 am

      You keep positive and have faith in God. At the end of the day your faith will get you through and you will feel good about yourself. Only God knows the future, and you will have comfort that you did everything possible and can be proud. This does not mean you will reconcile or your husband will see the errors of his ways, just me as you will be right with God and yourself.


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