Sometimes, it’s not one thing that ends a marriage.

It’s a combination of different circumstances.

And that’s exactly what happened with Rob and Kimberly.

In this podcast, Kimberly Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper, and her husband Rob, open up about their story…

…and how being separated because of work, anger, and addiction almost ended their marriage.


Learn what they did that made all the difference and ultimately saved their marriage.


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One thought on “[PODCAST] Military, Anger, and Addiction: How Rob and Kimberly Saved Their Marriage

  • July 19, 2017 at 6:33 am

    My marriage is heading for divorce and nothing can save it but an act of God himself. My husband wants no help or advice just the divorce. I wish we could do the workshop but he won’t. So what I really want is your prayers that he change his heart and see that leaving me and 3 kids behind is not the answer. If he ever comes home we will do this workshop!! Thank you


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