The Art of Falling in Love

What if someone told you that love could be guaranteed? Would you think it was an outlandish promise? Impossible to ensure? Well, marriage and love expert Joe Beam shares four tried-and-proven, concrete steps to falling in love, staying in love, and renewing lost love:

  1. Attraction: This one seems simple. He looks good; she looks good; sparks fly. But attraction is much more than physical; it is also mental, emotional, and spiritual. And most important, in order to be attractive to the opposite sex, we must begin by feeling good about ourselves.
  2. Acceptance: Acceptance is the point in the relationship where we learn how honest we can be with another person and still be accepted. In this step, we grow to care for a person whom we accept and who accepts us.
  3. Attachment: At this point on the LovePath, we move from acceptance and into commitment. Attachment includes fulfillment, mutual respect, passion, and spirituality. And even if we make mistakes in this step, there are actions we can take to reconnect and build an even deeper love.
  4. Aspiration: This final stage is where a relationship passes from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Succeeding in this step requires sharing our hopes and dreams and aspirations. But not only do we share our own dreams and expect them to be supported, we also find ways to cooperate with and encourage our mate in meeting his or her personal dreams.

The answers to all your questions regarding these four crucial steps are waiting for you in the pages of this life-changing book of love.

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