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The Save My Marriage Program is specifically designed for people who desperately want to save their marriage, but their spouse is completely done.

Is your spouse done with your marriage?

Is it impossible to get your spouse to speak with you?

Are you separated or divorced?

Are you looking for a system that will help you regain confidence in yourself, identify what is really going on in your marriage, and will re-engage your spouse in your marriage?

Are you ready to change what your future will look like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is exactly what you need.

"How To Set Boundaries" Video Transcript

This is the EXACT same system that we teach every person that we work with who is trying to save their marriage. In fact, these are the same principles I have used in my own marriage. This stuff just does. I know because I have seen it work for thousands of people, and it worked for me.

Kimberly Holmes

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • In-depth, 10-module "Best Of" core strategy trainings where I break down how and when to implement the best marriage saving tools based on your goals for your marriage (Don't worry, we'll help you figure that out too)...
  • Comprehensive Guidebook that keep you on track, daily devotionals to keep you on focus, strong accountability, eBooks and workbooks so you know exactly how to implement everything you learn
  • PLUS Weekly Group Coaching Calls with the Marriage Helper team (a $500 value!)
  • 100% credit towards the Marriage Helper 911 workshop enrollment fee
  • …and much, MUCH more.

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The Marriage Helper Guarantee

We cannot guarantee that this course will definitely save your marriage. No one can guarantee that. However, we do know that these principles have worked for thousands of people. Whether or not your marriage is saved, I am sure that you will find the information that you received in this course extremely beneficial.

We know that you will be extremely satisfied with this course. If for any reason, at the end of the course you did not find the course to be beneficial to you, please let the facilitators know, and we will do what we can to make it right.