Do you feel abandoned by God?

Do you wonder why he isn’t intervening in your marriage?

If you feel this way, you are not alone.

But that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.

There’s a reason for these trials and tribulations, even through it is hard to go through right now.

How can you strengthen your faith instead of lose it? Or can you? Should you?

We’ll discuss all these questions, and more, in this real heart to heart conversation.

We care about you and your marriage.

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2 thoughts on “[PODCAST] Why Won’t God Save My Marriage- The Dr. Joe Show Podcast

  • February 2, 2017 at 12:57 am


    Great podcast! Just last night I let God have an earful after I found out my wife was also having a physical affair after we had separated for her emotional affair. Where is He? Why is He not fixing things? Why is everything not getting better? I’m praying, fasting, doing everything right, and yet there has been no improvement!

    This podcast helped me to think in the perspective of eternity rather than what I am going through right now. God has a plan for my life and is storing up treasures in heaven depending on my response to this. This is a catalyst for me to draw even deeper to him than ever before, to go to the next level. To do His will. I am going to join the Pastoral Support Team at my church and my trials will be a testimony for others. Thank you for the great word.

  • March 10, 2017 at 5:03 am

    I love my wife and want to spend the remainder of my years with her!

    I write to you this evening with a heavy heart asking for guidance regarding marriage reconciliation. After 21 years of marriage my wife filed for divorce on February 24th and notified me this past Saturday. Here in Texas there is a 60 day cooling off period after you file for divorce before it is granted: the clock is ticking. On Monday she emailed me a copy of the filed divorce petition and waiver of service for my signature and notarization, of which I haven’t done. I will only do it if there is not hope and I am forced to give up the fight for my wife, my marriage and my family. I still have hope and faith, and I pray to God to help us in this moment of pain and despair.

    Briefly I confess that I had an affair of the heart which has ended: there was no physical intimacy with that person. My wife knows everything as it was discussed. I went through all the stages of limerence. This past October we participated in a marriage 911 seminar in Austin and I openly confessed to my wife and the are participants of my transgression. It was difficult to do because of my shame and embarrassment of what I did but I confessed. I freely attended with my wife and willingly accepted and believe that unless there is an instance of physical or sexual abuse, then yes all marriages are worth saving! My wife professed it at the time and in December I completely embraced it. But now my wife has changed her thought and believes this divorce is the best course of action for her peace and future, and that God has a plan for her and will not let her down. My wife also suffered with anxiety and depression because of my transgression. Only late last year did my wife begin to embrace God and is attending a Christian women’s bible study group on Mondays. This is where my wife learned that God has a plan for her. I fully supported her and encouraged her on this quest to strengthen her faith, and I still do, despite her belief that divorce is now the best course of action for her.

    Our problems do not stem from my transgression last year but from communication mistakes, lack of intimacy, controlling nature during our marriage, amongst other common marital problems. But our main problem was the lack of proper communication and her distrustful nature of me. Not once in our marriage prior to my erroneous sin, did I covet another person other than my wife. I am of the opinion that our problems are not insurmountable and together we can cross this difficult moment in our marriage, and build an amazing relationship until our time on this earth is over with.

    I have been fighting for my marriage and my wife knows it but she has refused to fight for it because she feels she has fought enough and may have said things to me that cannot be overcome. As I have explained to my wife on several occasions, every hurt and pain she has caused me in the past I have completely forgiven, resolved and have placed it in the past. They have not and will not rear its ugly head at a moment of pain. If we are to move forward in healing and learning from our mistakes, then the past must remain in the past in order to start anew reborn in forgiveness. Additionally, I have begged for her forgiveness, God’s forgiveness, my mother, my father in law, for the grave mistake I made in betraying my solemn vow and the trust of my wife. They know I am contrite, shamed and embarrassed for what I have done.

    I’ve been asking my wife to consider reconciliation. I’ve asked her this week to join me for a marriage retreat that I’ve found relating to couples who have already filed for divorce and is considered a last chance to save the marriage, but her response is simply ‘I will think about it’. I will continue to fight for this marriage, my wife, my family and our spiritual souls until I am told to give it up as there is no hope, and the judge places his last signature on a divorce decree. Until then I still hold out hope and faith in God’s forgiveness and intervention in helping to save this marriage. God hates divorce and I’ve reminded my wife of this, but here I am writing to you for counsel.

    I want my wife, my family and my marriage. I will fight for it. Please pray for us and for God’s intervention to soften my wife’s heart and grant her reason. I feel that miracles are in short supply these days but I will continue praying to God to grant us this one miracle of reconciliation.


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