The Best Help for When Your Marriage Has Been Affected by an Affair

I'm so sorry for the pain you are experiencing from your marriage being affected by an affair.

Whether or not you are the one who has been hurt by the affair or are the one who has had the affair, there is an equal amount of confusion, hurt, and pain.

No matter what the case is, we can help you.

If you have had an affair, you might be wondering, "Why shouldn't I be with my affair partner? Why should my marriage even be saved? Shouldn't I do what makes me happy?"

If you have been hurt by an affair, you are probably wondering, "What did I do wrong? Why did this happen? Is the marriage even worth saving?"

The answer is: yes.

Whether you want to end the marriage or want to save the marriage, it is worth considering all possibilities of what the future may hold.

And that is what we want to help you do.

With our Affair Package Bundle, you can get special access to both the Decision Point Video Series (for the spouse who had the affair) and the Marriage Recovery Video Series (for the spouse who has been hurt by the affair).

We won't judge you. We won't preach at you. We will treat you with respect no matter what has happened. We will give you the best tools and insight you can get into the things you need to consider moving forward and whether or not the marriage can be saved.

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Has your spouse had an affair?

Do you wish you knew what you could start doing right now to regain your self-esteem and saving your marriage?

We can help.

  • Teaches how to stay calm after finding out about your spouse's affair
  • Learn how to be the most attractive you can be to win your spouse back
  • Explains why the affair happened
  • Learn the "if anything works, this will" approach to saving your marriage
  • Understand how affairs affect children

Have you had an affair?

Do you wish someone could help you understand what is happening and find peace in your situation?

We can help.

  • Understand why the affair happened and what the future will be
  • Get help and insight in a non-judgmental way, from people who understand what you are going through
  • Learn the things to consider before leaving a marriage and being with the affair partner
  • Learn how affairs affect children and if your children should meet the affair partner
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