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Should Christians Separate? Part 3 of 3

With Kimberly Holmes

Is It An Alternative To Divorce?

(0:00) Welcome to the third part in the “Should Christians Separate?” series. In section one, we talked about one of the first reasons behind the question, “Should Christians Separate?” That is, you’re looking for approval in a decision you already made. To watch the first video, and read the article, be sure to go to section one.

In section two, we discussed looking for reasons in the Bible, or from other people to tell your spouse who is trying to leave. You don’t want them to leave, so you want Scripture/other advice to show them they should not leave. If you want to hear what we say about that, go to section two, watch video two, and read the article.

In this final section, we’ll discuss what I believe people might be asking (and really looking for) when they’re asking the question, “Should Christians separate?” Which is: “Maybe this is a good alternative to divorce?”

People Look For “Loopholes” In Scripture

(1:02) The Bible says God hates divorce (see Malachi 2:16). Because of this, we’ve seen people attempt to find a “loophole.”

For example: “In order to not divorce, so God won’t be mad at us, let’s just separate. We can make it a clean cut. We can still be friends, maybe it’ll be what’s best for the kids.”

Separation Is As Harmful As Divorce

In fact, there’s a new psychological phenomenon going on, so to say, of this concept of “separation” and not divorcing anymore because of “the kids.”

Still, research shows time and time again that when parents separate, it hurts the kids. Going back and forth between houses is very difficult for them. It’s hard to become resilient in that kind of environment. Many people viewed that research and responded by saying, “Okay, well if the kids going back and forth is what is unsettling to them, the change of environment and needing consistency, then let’s separate but leave the kids in one house, and us parents will just go back and forth between the two.”

Parents switching houses is sometimes called “nesting”, and it’s something that’s starting to occur more and more.

What’s fascinating is, even in separation there’s no legal divorce, but there’s also no stipulations the couple has with each other about them dating or pursuing other relationships– even though they’re still married! They’re just not “legally divorced” because “legally” if they divorce they’ve done something harmful for the kids…

If that’s the way you look at this kind of situation:

“Divorce is bad for the kids. Divorce is bad for our finances. Whatever that might be, so therefore the loophole is separation.”

Then I don’t know if you’re ever going to be happy in life. Because if you’re always looking for loopholes so that you can be a rule follower- “following the letter of the law” and you can be doing the “right thing” in terms of what Scripture literally says (or what research says or what whatever says) loopholes will never be fully satisfying. You’re always going to be looking for more loopholes.

If you just want to look at the heart of it, it’s the separation that causes hurt. It’s the separation that causes dysfunctions in the family. You might be thinking, “How can you say words that strong? Dysfunction, and this, that, or the other?” Because if you look at research, it’s true.

Ramifications Of Separation/Divorce

(3:35) If you want to divorce or separate, no one’s going to stop you. It is your right and it is your choice. But if you’re going to do it, at least look at the ramifications it can cause and know how you’re going to overcome those.

If you know you’re going to separate, start looking at how you can make it okay for the kids.

Start looking at how you can come through it, not in a loophole kind of way, but in a: “Here’s what’s going to happen. Here’s what we’ve chosen to do. Therefore, since we want our kids to have a good future, here is what we’re going to do to make sure we can do the best of that.”

Maybe, it’s co-parenting. Maybe you say, “We’re going to separate. Ultimately, we’re going to divorce. We need to be sure that we’re good co-parents for our kids.” Then do it.

Our Marriage Helper Workshop can help you with co-parenting. It can help you learn how to have communication skills to:

  • Stop fighting
  • Start being able to have a conversation together. A cooperative conversation.
  • Learn how to have a good relationship in front of the children. (Because even though the marriage might end, the family never ends.)
If you’re looking at separation as an alternative for divorce, then I would encourage you to look further into your reasons behind that.

(4:50) Is it that you’re trying to overcome a loophole? And if that’s true then maybe you should start looking at the real heart of the matter. Why do you want to separate? Why do you want to divorce?

Can it be transformed? Can your marriage be fixed?

You might be thinking, “it can’t be” because you’ve tried a counselor, you’ve read a book, you’ve tried some online courses, and maybe you have tried really hard. Unfortunately, in today’s society most people go to one counseling session, call it quits, sign the divorce papers, and move on. But that’s not trying hard.


…If you’re looking for this kind of help, if you’re looking for these answers, then I believe you’re different than everyone else. You’re someone who actually wants to do what is right. You’re thinking about the best way to do what’s right. So I encourage you to fight as hard as you can to make your marriage work.

Don’t look for alternatives right now. Please, don’t follow any recommendations to do a “controlled separation” that many counselors are doing right now where they tell you to separate and they’ll control when you come back together. I would highly encourage you to RUN from those kinds of situations.

Why? Because typically when people separate and find the peace they’re looking for away from each other, it is very hard to bring them back together. They don’t want to go back into pain, turmoil, and fighting that existed before.

They don’t believe they can have a different marriage when they’re back together.

But I believe you can. I know you can.

Because at Marriage Helper we have seen thousands and thousands and thousands of people transform the worst of marriages into an amazing marriages that they never thought possible.

(6:51) We can help you do that as well. I don’t know what your situation might be. Maybe an affair happened. Maybe there’s an addiction. Maybe there’s just been complete misery and unhappiness.

But I believe that it can be changed. And I hope that you can believe a shred of that too. Enough to at least look into: “Could things be different?”

If we can do anything to help, we have a team here at Marriage Helper that will work with you, talk to you, hear your situation, and see if there’s a way we can help. You can give us a call at (866) 903-0990. We’d love to help you with that.

This is our third and final section. Be sure to search for section one and two. But if you have any thoughts about this, comment below [on YouTube]. We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to like our channel, follow our videos, and until then, “see” you next time.

2 thoughts on “Should Christians Separate? Part 3 of 3

  • November 26, 2018 at 9:42 am

    Wow..this video is encouraging
    I have a very sensitive heart and I know my wife knows that too.I enjoyed her and her company ..but what left me confused was when she said right after our wedding day..she does not like sex… did not bother me so..all went well.Yes ,we had sex ,like a lot before we got married ,it stopped entirely when my 2nd child was born.whe I do get sex,it once every 3rd month.but…that’s not the problem anymore ,as I gave up on begging and now has gotten used to the no sex and kept on enjoying my life.
    What she know I hate about any a constant nagging.i explaind that to her…please..when yopu tell me something..yes..i will understand and listen..when you say it over again for the 2nd time..yes dear..i understand ..and I will tell you I get it…but then when you go on and on and on…that I truly cant stand and I would clench my teeth or just close my eyes and build up steam ..then I just walk out to cool off.I hate that soooo much and I really cant stand it and I told her so often..but she seem to enjoy doing that to me.
    It has gotten so worst ,that I don’t do anything around the house anymore …now I don’t care if she scream yell and perform ..I made up my mind ,you be you and ill be me .She has this thing that I also don’t like ,don’t go to bed angry ,don’t go leave the house angry…she would just get up, kiss the kids alk right pass me and off she goes …Now I dnt know if she feels guilty or something…but then she be making jokes and chat to me over WhatsApp like nothing happened. My cousins don’t come by anymore.. I cant vist them anymore..i cant speak to my sisters …when I sit too much infront of the tv is a problem I don’t speak to her anymore…so I decided..lets chill with wife and just forget all the crap from the past ever existed…now I just lay down on the bed next to her to build some trust ,talk or just start over…then she would start…why do you always have to lie down whenever you sit with me …the I sit up..then she would go off…look at this place …yopu know ..bla bla bla ..then I switch off..get up and sit infront of the TV…

    so I know, I don’t help her in the house anymore..i wash the kids only when I see she has her hands full …I spoke to her about our life and how its going…and I would start by. You know what, I don’t like to fight and argue with you anymore. Its boring and its getting us nowhere …Who is arguing..ou know what…if you think you want out of this marriage ,then go…go find yourself another woman …Boom…3rd time she would say that…

    So I met a great woman ….I know it is wrong in so many levels ..but I told her…please …what we do have is beautiful…but lets not have sex ..lets ask God to help please. If this is what we both want…lets not rush and let faith work and it shall be.

    We kissed and cuddled ,but the need to arise and make love has not entered our minds at all. And so far its been a very relaxed full and happy 2 months of my life .

    But so far I have told her…do not wait for me if you feel this is not worth your time …I will fully understand should you want out ,go and find someone that can fulfill you and make you happy…her husband has passed and he treated her like a prisoner ,her previous relationship with a guy was not what she thought it would be. Now that she has found me ,she feels that I’m a gift from above …so do I feel exactly the same …but when I go home ,I feel I need to start over with my wife and end all contact with this woman…But each time feels like a push for me to leave …I am now more eager to be with this woman then ever before

    • December 5, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      Hi, Byron. Thank you for sharing. Please call us at 866-903-0990 so we can help.


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