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  • Over 10 hours of in-depth, exclusive teachings that really work and provide you with the tools, resources, and game plans that you need to regain confidence and re-engage your spouse with your marriage ($497 value)
  • Over 10 hours of weekly group coaching calls with marriage expert Joe Beam and the team at Marriage Helper full of valuable guidance and answers to questions about your unique situation ($500 value)
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  • [Optional] Daily encouragement emails and devotionals that will keep you motivated and strengthen your relationship with Christ throughout your journey (priceless)


  • Complimentary access to the Affair Toolkit Video Series (especially helpful if you or your spouse has been involved in an affair) (Value: $194)


This Course can Save Your Marriage

Here's What You Get:

Course Content Overview:

Week 1: There Is Help and There Is Hope

Week 2: What Is The Real Problem?

Week 3: What Do You Truly Want?

Week 4: What Do You Need To Know About Yourself?

Week 5: Make A Plan To Improve YOU

Week 6: How To Understand Your Spouse

Week 7: Core Strategies To Carry You Forward

Week 8: What NOT To Do to Rescue Your Marriage

Week 9: What TO Do To Rescue Your Marriage

Week 10: A Game Plan For Moving Forward

In this course, we will help you identify what you want out of your marriage and how to help you get that. Of course, we can't control what your spouse does, but we can help you learn how to control your part in the marriage that will help re-engage your spouse back into your marriage.

But more importantly, this course will help you find confidence in yourself, regain self-esteem, find peace in your situation, and know that, at the end of this course, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, you will be ready to face the future.


Course Contents

Here's a break-down of just some of the content in our exclusive Save My Marriage Program.

  • What to do and what NOT to do when trying to save your marriage
  • How to communicate with your spouse without fighting
  • How to have patience in such a difficult time
  • How to attract your spouse back to you and back to your marriage
  • How to handle the children in the middle of divorce and separation
  • The best ways to re-engage your spouse back in to your marriage
  • How to establish boundaries in your relationship
  • How to regain your self-esteem, feel better about yourself, and know that you are worthy of a good marriage
  • An implementable strategy to help you follow through with what you need to do to save your marriage
  • Accountability partners and an amazing support group that will encourage and motivate you through these times
  • The highest level of care and support from the team at Marriage Helper
  • Focus on strengthening your relationship with God
  • What to do if you are already divorced or separated (yes, there is still hope!)
  • Q&A sessions with other people who have been in your situation and saved their marriage!
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Get The Three Pack Bundle for $399 (plus a $399 workshop credit!)