We fight for marriages. All marriages. No matter what has happened. BUT sometimes they end.

Actually, sometimes they should end.

We realize that sounds as if it is in opposition to our mission. In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains when it is not.

We offer many resources on MarriageHelper.com to help save marriages. We provide online courses for the spouse who wishes to save the marriage when the other doesn’t. We post many podcasts that address relationship problems and provide valuable, life-altering information.

Our weekend intensive, Marriage Helper 911, has an amazing success rate. Even though the vast majority of couples who attend have one spouse who has NO desire to save the marriage (usually they come to get a deal in the divorce), three out of four couples who go through the workshop actually turn their crisis marriages around and make it good again.


Some marriages end.

If you suffer in a marriage – whether you are the one who wants out or the one who wishes to save it – you’ve asked yourself countless times…

“When is enough, enough?”

“When do I stop trying?”

“How can I know when it’s best to end it?”

Dr. Joe Beam gives you the points to consider when making those decisions. What’s important. What’s selfish. How to find the peace you need in your heart.

Although Dr. Beam cannot tell you the exact moment…actually he won’t tell you what you must do; instead he teaches the principles, makes them clear, and then leaves it to you to decide…in this program you can find the answer as to whether to fight for your marriage or end it.

And if the decision is to fight, where to find the right help.

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3 thoughts on “[PODCAST] When To End A Marriage- The Dr. Joe Show

  • April 5, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    What if you have a passive , inconsistent spouse who choose to separate due to cheating.
    Then after some time decides to tell you, let’s take it slow so things aren’t what they were, (repeated).
    Currently doing nothing but leaving me to hang.
    My separated spouse, whom I am still in love with,
    Cause I believe in my heart with effect coming from both of us can create a kind of meant to be for each other.

  • April 7, 2017 at 8:20 am

    My wife left me for another man 10 months ago .talks to my daughters about how happy she is when do I say it’s over we were married for 27 years all got thrown away when she left destroying all our life’s mine and my kids she told me it was time for to have fun sense the kids were all grown up. And she had given up her life to raise them .


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